Monday, April 20, 2015

Welcome to our new Train Station Memories blog!

We know many of you have fond memories of the historic station and we want to hear about them!   Post here or send us an email at with any type of memories or personal pictures you would like included here for others to see!


Here are a few to start us off!

Corinne Ouellette Burger
 “We went to the Bronx Zoo on the train.”
Janet Kowolski Desrosiers   
 “I remember all Aunts, Cousins, Ma and me waiting for the train to take us to the Bronx Zoo.”
Joe DeRosa                                
 “I remember the hardwood floors, black iron on the counters to protect the ticket salesman. Recruiting was done there too.”

Darlene Smith Mokrycki          
You asked me to write my recollections about the Depot.  I recall beautiful high-backed wooden benches like St. Mary's church pews, only higher.  And a beautiful inlaid design on the floor, a large wall clock on the north wall of the depot.  The fare to Hartford back then was $6.00 RT.  I also remember, back in the 50's when Harry Truman made a whistle stop there, as he rolled through WL on the campaign trail.  A big oval stars and stripes drape hung over the door where he was standing and waving at the townspeople.  You might want to ask Judy Gunning Schub about more details, as she was one of my travelling buddies.  (and if you do ask her.  PLEASE ask her about the day she said "BYE DARLENE" as she pushed therevolving door to Steigers one day.) snick snick!  There really are no other recollections I have about the depot, except that the ticket sellers were on the left as you entered the building.” 

Margaret Crowley Kurtz           
What I can remember is what a very large train station it was and inside always appeared empty.   Outside I do remember how decorative the roof was and in looking at the pictures it appears nothing has changed.
 The back and boarding area was under shelter where you did not have to worry about rain and snow etc. For me as a teenager I could take the train and go to Hartford and spend the day and do some shopping at G Fox & Co. and Brown Thompson Stores.”

 Mary Ann Giannelli                 
 “ Back in 1948 I was a freshman at the Cathedral of Saint Joseph in Hartford, Connecticut.  So that meant I had to get myself there, either by train or bus. So the cheapest way as by train. I bought a book of tickets for a month to use to and from Hartford. The train station always felt welcoming to me, it was nice and warm in the winter. No air conditioning in the warmer months, but air conditioning wasn’t in way back then.The rest room was always neat and clean when I needed it. There was a very pleasant lady who sold the tickets, answered the questions, once in a while a man would be there. There were flyers around about the area or
 train schedules. I would go out the back door to wait for the train to come in, you could hear it coming as it went over a bridge north of the station.  It got real noisy as it got closer and a big bang when it stopped and a face full of steam.”